George Robert is a Yamaha international performing & recording artist. He is also endorsed by D’Addario/Rico reeds.


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Musicians’ Quotes

  • “George Robert is playing and writing better than ever, and the music is strong, honest, and swinging! The band is made up of some of my favorite musicians on the planet. This is about as good as it gets in terms of a rhythm section that inspires a horn player to go beyond their comfort zone. And that is exactly what happened. George plays here with a fire and intensity that I’ve yet to hear. His sound is present, beautiful, and grounded in such a great way.” Bob Mintzer on « New Life », with Dado Moroni, Peter Washington & Jeff Hamilton (GPR Records, 2014)
  • “No alto/piano music that I have heard reaches as deep as this outing by two of the world’s great artists.” Phil Woods on « The Good Life », with Kenny Barron (DIW Records, 2014)
  • “George has done his alto homework very well indeed ! Bird, the King Benny Carter and the Rab, Johnny Hodges, are evident here. But with the touch of an artist who has found his own voice. George really swings ! Even on a ballad he swings. And ballads are the proof any good pudding !” Phil Woods on « Peace », with Kenny Barron (DIW Records, 2002)
  • “George Robert has a gift for writing melodies which are memorable and moving. His melodies are accompanied by some very interesting and surprising harmonic movement. I look forward to performing more of Mr. Robert’s compositions” Kenny Barron on « The Music of George Robert » (Advance Music, 2003)
  • “I particularly like the harmonic motion and the melodic line in George’s writing. He writes very much the way he plays : with a strong sense of lyricism and melody. I had the pleasure to play with George in the last year or so, and man, he sounds great ! George knows the jazz language in and out, and he speaks from the heart when he plays and writes.”Bob Mintzer on « The Music of George Robert » (Advance Music, 2003)
  • “George Robert has a decided gift as a composer. He writes melodies of real content and strength.”Dan Morgenstern on « The Music of George Robert » (Advance Music, 2003)