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Songbook of 47 jazz original compositions written by George Robert

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This songbook consists of 47 jazz original compositions written by George Robert and recorded with Phil Woods, Clark Terry, Kenny Barron, Tom Harrell, etc.

It was published in 2003 by Advance / Shott Music and includes a CD with all 47 compositions.

  • “I’ve known George Robert for quite some time now. We met in New York City where George was studying and hanging out on the scene. From the very beginning George displayed a mature musicianship which was growing and changing all the time. He proved to be not only a player, but a composer, band leader, and educator as well. George’s writing speaks for itself. His tunes are simple, but to the point, with unexpected twists and turns, and a beautiful shape and style. I particularly like the harmonic motion and the melodic line in George’s writing. He writes very much the way he plays: with a strong sense of lyricism and melody. These tunes are fine vehicles for George’s playing. I believe he planned it this way. Most good musicians do. Composition is the ultimate means of presenting one’s playing in a complimentary way. I’ve had the pleasure to play with George in the last year or so, and man, he sounds great! Hearing George’s tunes pretty much completes the picture. George knows the jazz language in and out. And he speaks from the heart when he plays and writes. Check out George’s collaborations with Tom Harrell, Dado Moroni and the Metropole Orchestra. It’s the real deal! I do believe you will enjoy studying and playing George Robert’s music. I certainly have”.Bob Mintzer

  • “George Robert has a gift for writing melodies which are memorable and moving. His melodies are accompanied by some very interesting and surprising harmonic movement. I look forward to performing more of Mr. Robert’s compositions.”Kenny Barron

  • “I feel like I’ve known George Robert for a long time. I guess that is because he is an easy person to get to know because I have only really known him five or six years. In that time we have played together on numerous occasions: on TV, at friends’ parties, parties at my home, etc. Not only is he easy to get to know but he is easy to play with and we have had great fun trading off each other. Of course as you will see and hear having bought this book, he is also a great writer. He is totally at home with a quartet, big band or even that cumbersome object’..the orchestra! Tunes like ‘Peace’ with Kenny Barron and ‘Missing You’ with the Metropole Orchestra, and everything in between, show George Robert to be a wonderful writer. I am glad to know him and look forward to the next time we sit, have a laugh and then play some music! Luv.”Phil Collins


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